Our Farm Food

We offer pastured pork and cabrito (goat meat).

Pork Cuts

Naturally raised on our farm, these beautiful animals serve a purpose -whey digesters- They drink the byproduct of cheese making– Whey.

Our sweet delicious pork includes:

Bacon $9.50 per pound
Breakfast Sausage $8.50 per pound
Hot Sausage $8.50 per pound
Sweet Sausage $8.50 per pound
Country Ribs $7.00 per pound
Fresh Shoulder Roast $7.50 per pound
Ground Pork $9.00 per pound
Chops $9.50 per pound
Smoked Ham $7.50 per pound
Smoked Ham Hocks $5.50 per pound
Smoked Ham Steaks $7.50 per pound

Cabrito/Goat Meat

In addition to pork, we offer a variety of different goat cuts. Our cuts include:

• Breakfast Links
• Chops
• Goat Sausage
• Goat Meat
• Hot Links
• Kabob Meat
• Ribs
• Leg Roasts
• Shoulder Roasts